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Sharing and distributing our free paper models

Hello modelers, today we want to speak about the sharing policy of our website. As you know, is a totally free website where you’ll find free downloadable models. Those models are under CREATIVE...


A new dress for Paperdiorama!

Hello folks! You have probably noticed our new website: some months ago we changed our domain from Papercrafts to Paperdiorama, and now the migration is complete. The download section has been redesigned to semplify...

Next Paper Model 0

Next paper model: DRS Nuclear flask train

The “Nuclear flask train” transport spent nuclear fuel between many nuclear power stations in the UK and the Sellafield spent nuclear fuel reprocessing facility. Direct Rail Services’ (DRS) fleet of Class 20 has at... 0

New domain, same Paper Models

Hello, maybe you have noticed our new name, maybe not, it doesn’t matter! From now on is, spread the news! P.S. We know we have some issues on downloading models, we’ll fix...