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Aerosan RF8/GAZ 98 Paper Model

Because of the harsh winters in the Soviet Union, that country developed and produced many aerosans (a kind of motorized sled) for military purposes. The advantage of these vehicles was that they could cross...


KdF/Volkswagen Typ 82/3 Paper Model

The subject of this diorama is a Pkw.K1 Type 82/3, a lesser unknow variant of the famous German Jeep, used by the German forces in the early months of WWII. Type 82/3 as Dummy...

Trabant P 601 Kübelwagen Paper Model 0

Trabant P 601 Kübelwagen Paper Model

The Trabant was built in three body styles: as a two door sedan, as a station wagon and in an open “Kübelwagen” style version. The Kübelwagen was reserved for armed forces, border police and...

Volvo TP 21 Front 0

Papercrafts: Volvo TP 21 “SUGGA”

The Volvo TP 21 was based on a light truck frame fitted with modified body of the Volvo PV830 taxi. The shortened wheelbase, extra large terrain tires and high ground clearance proved very effective...

US Navy Flight Deck Tractor AS32A papercraft 3

Paper Model US Navy Flight Deck Tractor AS32A

A/S-32A-31A is from the 1990’s the current flight deck tractor for all U.S. Navy aircraft carriers. On carriers this vehicle is also equipped with a gas turbine unit to start jet aircraft engines (a...