Winnebago Motorhome Model F17 1969

Winnebago F17 Paper model – 1:48 Scale

F17 foto2_Winnebago F17 1969

Winnebago F17 1969

The history of Winnebago Industries began in the American heartland of Forest City, Iowa over 50 years ago. We’re still here innovating and building high quality, eye-catching recreation vehicles. In the 1966 Winnebago introduce its first self-contained motorhome built on a Ford chassis with its famous flying W and iconic “eyebrow” design.

Winnebago F-17 is an economical motor home no longer than station wagon built on the Ford P-350 parcel van chassis, 104” wheelbase with 6 cylinder-300 cubic inch (4,9 lt) motor, 3 speed automatic trasmission. F-17 is the smallest of the Winnebago motorhome 1969 line-up and provides leisure living accomodations for a family of six.

Interior from F17 original brochure

Interior from F17 original brochure

Winnebago leisure living features include styrofoam insulated floors, walls and roof, flush toilets with waste-holding tanks, Lp gas stowe with automatic oven, refrigerator and hot and cold running water. Decorator selected interior feature a carpeted driver’s compartiment, upholstered adjustable bucket seats for driver and co-pilot, foam insulated floors, sidewalls and roof. Paper model scale 1/48.

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  1. craigbic ha detto:

    Here’s my attempt at the F17 Winnebago. It was fun! Thank you!

  1. 11 Novembre 2015

    […] machine paper model. Next I moved up to this fantastic little diorama of a 1969 Winnebago F17 from At this point I wanted to do a more technical model with bigger challenges but not so difficult […]

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