Fiat 691 – 4 assi (millepiedi) paper model (1/66 scale)

FIAT 691 – The 691 (1971_1974) was equipped with a totally new, more squared cabin, which appeared for the first time in France branded “Unic” in the late 1960s, then also adopted in Fiat.Vertical front engine, direct injection, 6 cylinders in line bore 137 mm, stroke 156 mm, 13798 cc, 225 hp din, forced lubrication by gear pump, water cooling, dry two-disc clutch, 8-speed forward gearbox, 8 reduced and 8 normal, 2 on the back one normal and one reduced, suspension

with single flexibility leaf springs for each of the 2 front axles and with double flexibility leaf springs.

Download: Fiat 691 – 4 assi (millepiedi) paper model (1/66 scale)


Fiat 691 – 4 assi (millepiedi) paper model (1/66 scale) ultima modifica: 2022-05-23T12:49:08+01:00 da paperdiorama

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