Tin Toy Atomic Robot Man Paper Model

This is the paper model of Atomic Robot Man (A.R.M.), a famous Japanese tin toy robot of the late 1940’s. It is one of the very first toy robots (the second toy robot ever produced). Walks with pins on its feet and has an on/off switch mounted on his front. The box shows the robot marching through a desert city, complete with a scary atomic mushroom cloud!
The scale model is 1:2 (original size: 5.25″ x 2.5″ x 1.75″).

Tin Toy Atomic Robot Man Paper Model

Tin Toy Atomic Robot Man – Paperdiorama.com

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  1. Hallena Hinkle ha detto:

    Hello! I tried to download this pdf and it refuses to open. It states that it is corrupted. Is there a way that you can check the source document?

    Thank you!

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