The courious story of the MS Dreamward

Service history

The Dreamward was delivered on 4 November 1992. She named on 5 December 1992 at Port Everglades, and started on her first cruise to Bermuda the following day. Subsequently the ship was used for cruising from New York to the Bahamas and Florida to the Caribbean. Her sister was a year later as Windward.[11] Originally both the Dreamward and Windward carried the early-90s Norwegian Cruise Line livery with a white funnel and red & blue decorative stripes on the hull. Sometime before 1998 they received the new NCL livery with a dark blue funnel and an all-white hull.

MS Dreamward

Following the lengthening and name-change in 1998, the Norwegian Dream was also used for cruising around Europe. On 24 August 1999, the Norwegian Dream was involved in a collision with the container ship Ever Decent while en-route from Zeebrügge, Belgium to Dover, England. Although her bow was damaged, the Norwegian Dream continued to Dover under her own power. Damages to the Ever Decent were minimal. The power on the Ever Decent was off due to a fire that occurred, and there was dense fog in the area causing the Norwegian Dream to be unable to see it and run into it. Although there were no fatalities, the accident raised some criticism of the lack of oversight and the safety of non-United States -registered cruise vessels. Following the accident, the Norwegian Dream was repaired at Lloyd Werft. In 2004 the ownerships of the Norwegian Dream was transferred to NCL’s parent company Star Cruises, in preparation for possible sale or transfer to the Star Cruises fleet. On 10 December 2007, the Norwegian Dream was involved in a further collision with a barge whilst leaving the port of Montevideo, Uruguay. The collision caused some damage above the waterline which did not appear to be serious. The collision caused several cars and five containers to fall off the barge, which closed the port for some time. On April 23 2008 Star Cruises entered an agreement to sell the Norwegian Dream, as well as her fleetmate Norwegian Majesty, to the Cyprus-based Louis Cruise Lines, who were reportedly willing to pay $218 million for the ship. International Shipping Partners were also interested in the Norwegian Dream. Louis was supposed to pay the entire $218 million upon the ships delivery, but by 29 September 2008, when the ship should have been delivered to Louis, they canceled the deal due to “technical issues relating to the vessel”. The deal for the Norwegian Majesty, however, was completed in July. From of November 2008, the Norwegian Dream is laid up in Freeport, Bahamas awaiting a buyer. The ship had a brief spell in the port of Piraeus, before relocating to Kalamata on June 13th for inspection by Louis Cruise Lines and Pullmantur Cruises. She has now returned to the anchor point off Piraeus.

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