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DRS Nuclear Flask Train 0

DRS Nuclear Flask Train Papercraft

Class 20 diesel locomotives were built in 1957-1968 by English Electric as Type 1 and they are known by railway enthusiasts as “Choppers“, a name derived from the distinctive beat that the engine produced...

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Next paper model: DRS Nuclear flask train

The “Nuclear flask train” transport spent nuclear fuel between many nuclear power stations in the UK and the Sellafield spent nuclear fuel reprocessing facility. Direct Rail Services’ (DRS) fleet of Class 20 has at...

Mobil Oil Vintage Can 0

Mobil oil vintage can Paper model

Mobiloil motor oil vintage can papercraft. This is the reproduction of a collectible Vintage Mobiloil oil can 1960’s in 1:1 scale (if A3 printed).  

Vendo 81 Coke Machine 0

Coke Machine Vendo – Paper Model

HAVE A COKE! The Coke machine VENDO model 81 was introduced in the mid 1950’s and produced until around 1960 when it was replaced by the new “square corner” machines. It held 81 bottles...

Citroën HY 1965 VSAB 0

Citroen HY 1965 VSAB Papercrafts

This van Citroen HY 1965 was amended in VSAB (Véhicule de Secours aux Asphyxiés et Blessés) at the departmental workshops of fire services of Morbihan (Brittany) and remained in service for 32 years. Scale...

Trabant P 601 Kübelwagen Paper Model 0

Trabant P 601 Kübelwagen Paper Model

The Trabant was built in three body styles: as a two door sedan, as a station wagon and in an open “Kübelwagen” style version. The Kübelwagen was reserved for armed forces, border police and...

Volkswagen Typ 2 1966 snowcat 0

Volkswagen Typ 2 1966 Snowcat Paper Model

The ÖAMTC (Austrian Motoring Organisation) has converted a 1966 VW panel van into a snowcat complete with caterpillar tracks and a DJ booth (that pops out of the freakin’ roof!) as part of their... 0

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