Casalini Sulky (3 wheeler) 1971 Paper model

Casalini Sulky

Casalini, an Italian manufacturer of mopeds, scooters, trikes and small cars produced the amusingly-named Casalini Sulky 3-wheeler, a very small vehicle powered initially by a 50cc Minarelli engine.  It has all-steel bodywork of very straight lines, mounted on a tubular chassis.  With sales of 1,000 per year, Casalini has long outlived other Italian microcar makers, and is in fact considered the world’s oldest microcar manufacturer.

This trike is intended for one passenger, but the bench seat can accommodate two. The single twelve-inch front wheel is steered by a conventional steering wheel or alternatively by a handlebars, thereby classifying this as a scooter and not an automobile for insurance and licensing purposes.


Manufacturer:  Costuzioni Meccaniche Casalini S.r.l.

Country of Origin:  Italy

Drivetrain Configuration: Rear engine, rear wheel drive

Engine: Minarelli 50 cc, two stroke

Transmission: Automatic

Top Speed: 40 km/h

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