Goggomobil Transporter TL Van paper diorama

The Goggomobil Transporter, or Goggomobil TL, was introduced at the 1956 IFMA show. The Transporter was built largely at the request of the German Federal Postal Service, which procured more than 2,000 Transporters between October 1957 and November 1965. The Transporter had sliding front doors. It was available as an enclosed van with double back doors or as a pickup with a tailgate to the open bed. Transporter pickups were often used by municipal services as snow plows or street sweepers. 3,667 Transporter vans and pickups were produced. (Wiki)

This Papercraft comes in 1:35 scale.

Goggomobil Transporter TL Van

Goggomobil Transporter TL Van – Paperdiorama.com

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