Jeep FJ3 Fleetvan U.S. Mail – Paper model 1/35 scale

FJ3_foto1 paper model

FJ3 Fleetvan

Willys Motors introduced the two-wheel drive Fleetvan in 1961. It was designed for light-duty, ice-cream trucks and multi-stop applications such as postal delivery. “Practical” was the operative word known to describe FJ platform.

The Fleetvan was built on a DJ-3A Dispatcher platform and retained features such as an 81-inch wheelbase and F-134 Hurricane F-head engine. The FJ-Series was efficient, rugged and highly maneuverable.

This step-van featured sliding doors that were easily accessible from either side. Due to the cab-over engine design and maximum use of front windshield glass, drivers were able to view “all-points.”

U.S. Mail service

The Fleetvan was produced first as the FJ-3 right-hand-drive postal delivery vehicle. The FJ-3 was only 135 inches long but was rated for a 1000 pound payload. The Fleetvan mated the F-head 4-cylinder engine with either the T-90 or an optional Borg-Warner automatic transmission.

The early version, built in 1960 and tested by the U.S. Post Office as experimental vehicle X35, It has the traditional Jeep radiator guard with seven vertical slots; the production FJ-3 is identifiable by its horizontal grille slots.


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