PIAGGIO APE MP STREETFOOD TRUCK – Paper model 1/35 scale

Ape MP foto1__paper model's undercarriage


The Piaggio Ape is a three-wheeled motorcarriage produced by Piaggio since 1948, considered a true symbol of Italian design in the world.

The Piaggio Ape MP600 (the abbreviation MP stands for “rear engine”, in fact for the first time the engine is moved from the cab and brought to the rear under the body, to reduce vibrations in the cab and improve driver comfort) is a three-wheeled produced by Piaggio from 1969 to 1978 with a 190cc. engine and a capacity of 600 kg.


Is a chain of toasteries born in Italy that, from the beginning, has focused more than anything else on the quality of the raw materials and the craftsmanship of the processes, each toast is stuffed and cooked at the moment and served still hot in your hands. All cured meats, dairy products, sauces and vegetables are chosen from the best products on the market, selected with skill and passion to ensure a tasty and above all healthy meal.

CAPATOAST On The Road is the itinerant project designed for fairs and events dedicated to street food, where the toasts are prepared and served on board an authentic vintage APE car (this paper model) equipped and modernized in style.


The “CAPATOAST” logo/name derives from the Neapolitan dialectal voice “capatosta”, literally hard-headed.

Download PIAGGIO APE MP STREETFOOD TRUCK – Paper model 1/35 scale

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