Volkswagen Beetle 1956 Custom Woody Wagon – Paper Model 1:35 Scale

VW woody back view

An old VW Beetle stretched in a wagon and turned in a classic Woody (with the appropriate surfboard on top)…

The original VW Woody - Front view

The original VW Woody – Front view

VW Beetle Woody Wagon Story

Once upon a time this radical custom Woody was just another 1956 Volkswagen Beetle rolling out of the Wolfsburg Germany VW plant. However, he modern history began in 1999 as a picture concept turned into reality.The rear body of this little oval-window coupe was chopped and had a ’70 VW Squareback grafted on to the rear. The lower body was sheathed with wooden siding patterned after a traditional woody. And like a traditional woody, he roof is fabric-covered. From the windshield forward, his bright yellow Beetle looks like any other. Scan rearward and it is a wild woody that simply has to be from California.

Inside, he metal of the dash and upper door sills has been painted in the traditional wood-grain style and the 1956 seats

The original VW Woody - Back view

The original VW Woody – Back view

have been newly-covered in tan vinyl and fresh carpets cover the floors. Sit in one of those firm buckets, ilt your head back, nd you see a headliner made entirely of hand-crafted cherry-stained wood to compliment the wooden paneling of the body exterior.

Such a wild-looking custom Beetlecouldn’tpossibly make do with its stock 1200cc engine, o in went a later, ore robust 1641cc engine with dual Kadron carburetors. Instead of the skinny little steel wheels and hubcaps standard on 1956 Beetles, his custom rolls on 15″ BRM alloy rims. Front track has been narrowed by two inches, nd at rest, his radical VW sits low.

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